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My Life is Not Normal!


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A note from JordanTheComic:


"Hello and welcome to another form of JordanTheComic selling out!

I am JordanTheComic, and I have had the pleasure of making people laugh through most of my life. From the early stages of awkwardness where people laughed AT me, to the fantastic present as I take the stage and make them laugh WITH me.

I started out trying to be a RockStar, as most do, but after the band imploded I began club promoting instead. This unlocked the doors of Los Angeles for me as I rubbed elbows with the most amazing people that I have ever met in my life. When it was suggested that I try doing sketch comedy on stage, I bombed... The first time.


Not liking the taste of a silent audience in my mouth, I decided to try again with an army of people helping me, all being willing to have me bounce ideas and punch lines off of them. After being asked to perform at a club called 'THIRST: Holy War', I began creating a character that has grown in popularity faster than I ever could have imagined. A southern preacher that is passionate, perverted, and unapologetic. I am, of course, talking about: The Reverend!

The Reverend has taken me places that I could never have hoped of performing; including conventions such as DomCon Los Angeles and the AVN Expo in Las Vegas. Both venues proved to be welcoming of The Reverend, and his congregation has continued to multiply.

As intoxicating as The Reverend is, I have decided to reserve him for special engagements, and instead share the abnormal (and often hilarious) stories of my own life with the masses, and as I am sure you all can see:

My Life, is Not Normal!

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