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January 26th 2016


What can I say about this last week other than that I felt like it was a dream?


I was in Las Vegas performing at both Bally's newest comedy club called Jokesters and the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in club Vinyl for the AVN's The Lair Fetish Party... Because I'm a Rock Star like that...


Both were amazing experiences so where do I begin?


Jokesters Comedy Club inside of Bally's was my first performance of the week on Wednesday January 20th. I went to the Windows Room of Bally’s as instructed to check in with the event hosts and they were nothing but welcoming. They had a great energy and they were just a positive group to be around.


I had the pleasure of sharing the stage with comedians, Bobby Waynes and Don Barnhart, as we tore up the room from an absolutely gorgeous stage.


After our final bows we parted ways and I got back to the AVN Expo as I prepared for Friday night.


At one point I decided for my act that I needed a comically HUGE dildo for the shadow scene and who else to provide such a prop than my friends at Bad Dragon?


At first they wanted me to take their T-Rex dildo but that thing was far too big to hold, let alone make look like it was attached to me… Sorry ladies.


They provided me with their ‘Clayton the Earth Dragon’ dildo that is a whopping 13 inches long, and if I had to guess, about 13 lbs. … Much more to scale I'd say!


As I got to the Fetish After Party and met the other wonderful acts that I would be working with, such as Emily Marilyn and Hudsy Hawn, I began to grow a little nervous. I began to see the crowd come in and the music began to play. I was excited, nervous, ready and wanting to throw up.


I was soon joined by my friends and assistants for the evening Miss Scarlett ‘Single Tail’ Sin and Randy Hull. They quickly reminded me that this was going to be fun and not to worry… I still did though.


The clock struck midnight and I heard the host, Master Gabriel, start to announce me to the crowd. To my surprise the crowd remembered me from last year and erupted into the loudest applause I have ever received. I almost ran on stage when he called my name and greeted a screaming mass of people. I told my jokes and brought up my team as we did our skit to the most amazing audience I have ever experienced.

I am still glowing from the show and I cannot wait to go back to AVN next year.


Special thanks go to the ones who gave me such an amazing week:


Jokesters Comedy Club


Mistress Cyan of Sanctuary LAX


The AVN Show


The Vinyl inside the HardRock Hotel and Casino


Master Gabriel


Scarlett ‘Single Tail’ Sinn


Randal Hull


Bad Dragon


My best friend and girlfriend


And all of my friends and family for the encouragement and ‘push’ that got me where I am today

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