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The Exorcism Live at AVN's Fetish Party!

JordanTheComic, as The Reverend, takes the stage at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino and ends up having to perform an Exorcism on Sanctuary LAX's own Scarlet 'Single Tail' Sin.


Fireworks on the Interstate

JordanTheComic takes the stage for The Tuesday Show live

at the Harp Inn in Costa Mesa and tells the tale of how

he ALMOST got a felony!

The Voice Off!

After some major shit talking about who could do the most impressions and voices, we decided to let the YouTube Universe deside as two competitors battled for their amusement. JordanTheComic was voted the winner, but this was a fun challenge!

Hooray for the Pervert!

JordanTheComic takes the stage in Riverside to tell the story of how he got several people out of going to jail with the help of his "Magic Murder Bag"

Diabetic Man!

JordanTheComic takes the stage in Riverside to tell the tale of his $40,000.00 balls!

Phoenix Flight 666

JordanTheComic takes the stage in Riverside for the first time at the wonderful Back to the Grind coffee house in Downtown Riverside to talk about the last 48 hours and the effect it has had on him.

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